Flameclub is recognized in the market as a manufacturer and supplier of safe and secure quality lighters.
The lighter production takes place with new and modern machines that are operated and controlled by highly trained specialists.
A strict quality control is carried out in all production levels to guarantee firstclass and safe quality products.
During the production process, the lighters pass 30 steps of quality control.

About 30% of the staffs working time is devoted to the production quality evaluation and control. Technical tests have shown that our Flameclub lighters can make more than 2,000 ignitions, representing a life time of 5 years with 1 ignition per day.

Flameclub lighters comply with all requirements of international quality standards ISO NORM, EN NORM, ASTM NORM, RoHs, PCT &etc. Flameclub products have a worldwide reputation for quality goods !

The size of the production area is more than 100,000 square meter. The production capacity - 50,000,000 lighters per month.

The basis of the production and engineering, is a modern line of welding and injecting machines, the production facilitates packaging and spareparts production.

In our quality control, we check if our products meet the ISO NORM including the high temperature resistance. Our production includes more than 3,000 people involved in the production process.